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Conscious Creation

Are you part of the woo-woo crew?

Being awakened is one thing, being able to manifest is another. Conscious Creation is where they overlap.

Conscious Creation or Manifesting

Have you ever tried manifesting and felt that it didn’t work?

The law of attraction seems really easy to use, so why aren't you getting the results you want?


Getting what you want out of life is easy when you know what that is.


With this workshop you create the life you want, consciously - rather than life just happening to you.


All the steps to get you started and some you might not have come across before.


Suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Special introductory price FREE!

creation 1

What this workshop focuses on is

  • Being clear about what you want

  • Making it a vibrant picture

  • Focus and intention

  • Looking for signs

  • Know how to shift your energy to manifest

  • The power of gratitude

By the time you have finished, you will be manifesting like a master!

Jan works from the unconditional love of her heart. Her courses are wonderful and aimed at helping you achieve your best. Such a joy to recommend her. Rose

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