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Crystal workshop for beginners

In this simple course you will

  • • Learn how to cleanse your crystals

  • • How to re-charge them

  • • How to program them

  • • Learn simple, fun ways to use them effectively

I started collecting crystals and my collection began to grow as I found crystals that I couldn’t leave in the shops. I didn’t know what to do with them so they were just treasured objects gathering dust on my shelf. In 2001 I trained as a Crystal healing Therapist and learned a huge amount about crystals and how to use them for healing. That really opened my eyes and now I want to help you get to love them too.


If you have crystals sitting around that you want to dust off and do more with, this workshop is for you - to get you started on your exploration.

The workshop is over 3 modules with associated videos.

Module 1 takes you through

• Choosing your crystals

Cleansing your crystals

Recharging your crystals

• Programming your crystals

• Quartz crystals

Module 2 looks at

• Chakra crystals

• Properties of the main chakra crystals

• Chakra balancing

Module 3 teaches you

• Working with your crystals

• Mediating with your crystals

• How to set up a simple crystal grids

Polished Stones

The price for this workshop is just £27!


Why make the workshop so simple?

• You are not overwhelmed by masses of information

• Simple instructions mean easy to follow

• It gets you started having fun with your crystals

Bonus - Downloadable Crystal Cave meditation

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