Meet Jan

Spiritual Wayfinder and Certified Reiki Master

I believe that all people deserve to live happy and healthy lives so that get they up in the morning full of enthusiasm for a new day.


My passion is teaching - giving people the tools to help themselves - initiating reconnection to their true self so that they become whole again, living a fulfilled and happy life.

All my life I have had a deep connection with nature and that nurtures my spiritual side which manifests in my verdant and abundant garden.

In my 30’s I started feeling that there was something more to life and that I could be helping others. I started seeking this elusive thing and, on the way, learned many therapies and practices including becoming a Reiki Master in 1998.

I work primarily with women to help them relax and de-stress and to find the missing piece that makes their lives come alive and reconnects them to their true purpose.

I am a Verified Practitioner with the Reiki Association, trained in NLP and hypnotherapy, and a crystal therapist. I mentor and teach internationally.

I teach Reiki classes, run a Reiki clinic and deliver on-line training courses in crystals and personal empowerment.


I have three degrees, am an author, and believe in learning something new every year.

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