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Meet Jan

Holistic therapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Wayfinder and Independent Neal's Yard Consultant

My passion is teaching Reiki - giving people the tools to transform themselves. I have taught many people over the years in Scotland and East Sussex.

Why do I love teaching Reiki? It's because I see the new Reiki students glowing as they leave the class. The change in their energy is profound. They may have been closed up and unsure beforehand, but afterwards, they are expansive and joyful. They appear to glow.


As a holistic therapist, I have dedicated my life to helping women in particular, although I do get some men asking for help.

So who am I?  I lived most of my life in Scotland, but moved to Wadhurst in 2015, where I live with my husband and cat. I have grandchildren in Kent and France.

All my life I have had a deep connection with nature and that nurtures my spiritual side which manifests in my verdant and abundant organic garden.

In my 30’s I started feeling that there was something more to life and that I could be helping others. Over the years, I learned many therapies and practices including Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and of course Reiki. 

Reiki has been my main therapy for almost 30 years now and I trained for 3 years to become a Reiki Master in 1998.


I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Master and have belonged to both the Reiki Alliance and the Reiki Association for many years. The experience and expertise I have gained over the years is why I am recommended as a great healer and teacher. 

I teach Reiki classes, run a Reiki and Energy Medicine clinic. 

I have three degrees, am an author of five books, which you can find on Amazon, and believe in learning something new every year. I am enthusiastic about all things organic and became a Neal's Yard Remedies Organic consultant. You can find me here.

If you want to get to know me better, why not arrange a call with me, or come for a treatment, and find out more about Reiki and what I specialize in.

Neals Yard
Jan Brown
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