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Conscious Creation

Have you ever tried manifesting and felt that it didn’t work?
The law of attraction seems really easy to use, so why aren't you getting the results you want?
This course will get you manifesting like a master.

Conscious Creation

Crystals for beginners

Crystal Workshop for beginners
In this simple course you will:
• Learn how to cleanse your crystals
• How to re-charge them
• How to program them
• Learn simple, fun ways to use them effectively

Setting up your treatment room

Thinking of setting up your treatment room.
Not sure how to go about it.
Don’t worry, there is help for you here.

Therapy Room

Confidence, clients and pricing.

Confidence, Clients and Pricing – a 3-day mini-course, where I will share with you these three vital ingredients you need to have to take your therapy business from struggling to thriving!


This will put you back on a trajectory of success!

Describing the intangible

Describing the intangible is the hardest part of Reiki or crystal therapy or any other esoteric modality.

What do you say when someone asks you “what do you do?”, or “what is Reiki?”.

The course will guide you through

  • Who are you speaking to?

  • Crafting your own message

  • Perfect delivery without fear 

Hands of light
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