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Certified Reiki Master & Spiritual Wayfinder

"You have changed my life!" - This is what I frequently hear from people I work with.

I believe that all people deserve to live happy and healthy lives so that get you up in the morning full of enthusiasm for a new day, living their lives with purpose.


My passion is teaching - giving people the tools to transform themselves - finding their soul purpose so that they become whole again, living a fulfilled and happy life.

After many years of study, I have dedicated my life to helping women to relax and de-stress; to find the missing piece that makes their lives come alive and reconnects them to their true purpose.

This is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

What I Specialise In

online programs



The Journey Towards Wholeness Begins on the Path of Reconnecting to the Divine Within.


Begin Your Journey Today.


"Thank you so much for teaching me, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I. Looking forward to putting it into practice."

Tina Sharpe


I reached out to Jan as a coach and mentor to guide me on my journey with energy healing.  Jan offered sound advice and provided resources for me to grow as a healer. I can now continue to use these resources and my courage gained to pursue a future in holistic therapy. Thank you Jan.

Bianca Caruana


"I had a Reiki session with Jan recently. It was such a lovely experience and so relaxing. Jan is so welcoming and knowledgable and I felt in really safe hands. Looking forward to doing it again soon."

Jo Oogarah

Coming soon! 22nd October for 8 weeks.


3 Keys to Life

3 Keys to Life program

An 8-week coaching program where you

  • find your soul purpose

  • understand your unique abilities

  • learn how to keep yourself on track

Starts on 22nd October 2021

3 Keys to life

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