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Living with Passion and Joy

Jan Brown  

  • Reiki Master for over 26 years

  • Holistic and Energy Therapist for 35 years 

  • Spiritual coach

Meet Jan

Certified Reiki Master & Spiritual Wayfinder

Do you want to help a loved one or perhaps you want to help your own health? 

Finding the best Reiki Master for you is like finding the right piece in a jigsaw puzzle; you need to be able to trust that they will fit your needs and that the class is certified.


Jan has a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over the 26 years she has been teaching Reiki. 

Her classes are informative and practical, and give you all the tools you need. One happy side effect of the class is that people leave feeling full of joy and with an expanded energy field. Jan likens it to seeing her students glow when they have finished class. 


They also learn not only how to help their loved-ones, but how to help themselves in ways they never could have imagined before.  It has changed their lives.

"My passion is teaching - giving people the tools to transform themselves - whether that is health-wise or being more at ease with themselves. "You have changed my life!" - This is what I frequently hear from people I work with " Jan


Afterwards there are monthly shares for practice, asking questions and receiving treatments.

Jan treats people in her clinic at home with Reiki and Energy Medicine.




What I Specialise In


"The Journey Towards Wholeness Begins on the Path of Reconnecting to the Divine Within."


Begin Your Journey Today.

"Thank you so much for teaching me, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I. Looking forward to putting it into practice."

Tina Sharpe

I reached out to Jan as a coach and mentor to guide me on my journey with energy healing.  Jan offered sound advice and provided resources for me to grow as a healer. I can now continue to use these resources and my courage gained to pursue a future in holistic therapy. Thank you Jan.

Bianca Caruana

"I had a Reiki session with Jan recently. It was such a lovely experience and so relaxing. Jan is so welcoming and knowledgable and I felt in really safe hands. Looking forward to doing it again soon."

Jo Oogarah

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Reiki Share
7th April at 13.30

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