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unblocking the flow

Trust your intuition and stop second guessing yourself.

Making a decision from a powerful excited feeling one day and having doubts the next; wondering if you did the right thing.

Backing out of decisions is one of the symptoms of not trusting your intuition.

There is a very good reason why putting the brakes on can be a pattern. How to change this is what the program will teach you.

Part 1

In the first part of this two week course, you will be learning you will be learning what causes you to second guess yourself - limiting beliefs,, how to change them and how to stop sabotaging yourself.

The course runs on 3 consequtive days.

Each video is accompanied by a pdf with notes and exercises.

Join the facebook group for support and discussion.

Part 2

Shifting limiting beliefs is a great start, but how do you heal the damage that they have done on an energetic level?


In the second part of the  workshop, you will learn how to clear the chakras and the aura so that the energy flows freely and the wounds heal. This allows the work you have done on shifting limiting beliefs to become more integrated in your body.

Also run on 3 consequtive days with videos and pdf notes and exercises.

Only £127
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