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This is where the magic happens.

Being tuned into the Universe is a start.

It's learning how to use that energy for your benefit that is the magic.

A Reiki II class is where the magic happens.

This is when you learn the symbols and how to use them in everyday life, to create  a magnificent life.


What you learn in Reiki II.

  •  Use the symbols to send Reiki to situations both personal and  global

  • ​ Learn how to send a distant treatment to support loved ones

  •  Deepen your Reiki practice

  •  Use the Reiki symbols in everyday life     

  •  Become a more proficient therapist and be able to apply for verification which leads to CNHC registration

There is a minimum of 100 days practice between the First and Second Level training.

The Reiki II class consists of two sessions of 2 - 3 hours.

The first session is learning and drawing the symbols and their meaning.

The second session is learning how to use the symbols and practice doing so.

The initiation or atunement to the symbols.

Certificate and teaching notes given.

Cost £500

Contact me to book a class.
Reiki precepts

 I would thoroughly recommend Jan's classes.

I obtained my Reiki Level II with her in 2017 (I had already done my Level 1 in Australia) and have never looked back.


Her classes are fun and informative and you leave feeling confident you have the skills to be able to practice on others.


Jan also offers ongoing support and mentoring so you are never cast adrift. In fact I now light-heartedly refer to her as my "Reiki Mum"!

Wendy Jennings

Jan Brown is an extremely experienced Reiki Master Trainer. She has an impressive “lineage” meaning she had trained herself to a high level with elders in Reiki.


I have personally attended her training and found it to be excellent. It was supportive, clear and fun. I gained a good understanding on how to apply Reiki both for self healing and to help others. I wholeheartedly recommend Jan.

Melody Cheal
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