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Reiki 1 class

Give yourself the best gift.

This is the starting point.

Learn Reiki to

  • become an unforgettable therapist - Reiki gives an added boost to all hands on therapies

  • menopausal symptoms are less when you self-treat daily

  • pregnant mum can create a bond with their baby before they are born

  • mothers can keep themselves and their children healthy and soothe accidental injuries.

Ongoing support in monthly Reiki shares.

Fun and practical, Jan's Reiki 1 class is the perfect start to learning Reiki.

Contact me for details


In a Reiki I class you will learn everything you need to know about Reiki for the purposes of giving treatments to yourself and others at this level.


A Reiki class is a hands-on experience, and an opportunity to reawaken your own natural healing ability through the Reiki initiation process.


This energy atunement occurs in four ceremonial acts shared by the Reiki Master with each student - one in each session.

  • Reiki I class consists of 4 sessions of 2 - 3 hours (depending on numbers).

  • This is a relaxed practical class with time for demonstrations, practice and initiations.

  • Teaching notes and certificate given.

  • Please bring lunch.

  • Cost £200 (min 2 people)

Contact me to book your place.
Reiki Treatment

Very much enjoyed doing Reiki 1 with Jan; a warm and knowledgeable guide, she patiently answered my many questions.

Astelle Denis

Thank you so much for teaching me, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I. Looking forward to putting it into practice.

Tina Sharpe

Yesterday I earned my Reiki 1. I was able to do this because of the teachings and atunement bestowed upon me by my Reiki Master Jan Brown.

Jan is a kind and down to earth practical Reiki teacher. Carefully teaching us the fundamentals of grass roots Reiki in its purest form. She is an excellent story teller, easily drawing interest from the student, who is eagerly learning even when they may not be aware.

The course is gently paced with the right amount of practical and theory, and advice on how to give Reiki to friends, family, clients and in my case animals.
I now feel confident to channel this wonderful healing energy to others either to family or clients. Jan has instilled this confidence within me!

Thank you Jan.

Amanda Teale

I arrived at Jan's for the weekend retreat and Reiki I course with little expectation. Having learned to never build things up in my as not to be disappointed - you know how you do?!. So much so that I only confirmed I would be coming the night before! Jan took care of everything and my little dog from the moment I walked in the door - a hearty lunch was already prepared, comforting biscuits and copious cups of tea, on request.

The joy of Reiki is that is is so.... simple. 'Less is more' as they say, and so too, I learned its magic and art. Jan provided the background, story and lineage (all recorded in extensive notes to take home, "her journey into Reiki') and then we moved into the practice. 

As an art teacher I always found immensely rewarding, the moment, when my students really "got it" for the first time; the art of seeing and creating - the delight in their eyes. So for me, too! I saw the power and joy of this "wonder" full practice bringing peace, calm and healing; moving to the parts of the body most in need of restoring.

Strangely, the lineage of those healers, who have come before; is what made it so real and fascinating, for me.  The provenance, if you will - that tracing the line through Jan and her teacher - I am 7 steps from Mikao Usui, himself. 

Driving home that evening..... I was smitten! It was like being a child again; I started to see the world anew; where all of a sudden there were more shades of colour, to my vision. The birds seemed to sing more cheerfully.

For me; Reiki is like finding the missing peace (sorry piece!) in the puzzle.


God indeed moves in mysterious ways..... and through moments of synchronicity, which I had enjoyed all week .....  I found that my path led me to the door of Reiki; and one might go so far as to say; since then, its joy has embraced me in all that I do.

A friend observed that I seemed to radiate with a new energy and life. Which is quite something in light of the fact that I had recently experienced a difficult time in my life - after a break up. Though, I had been working through this time of transition with yoga, mindfulness and meditation with some success; it seems that finding Reiki has allowed me the key to discover the simplest solution of all  - to heal from within.

Quite a gift!.

Thank you Janet Brown. Om Shanti.

Joanne Toop
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