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Therapy Training successfully completed. Treatment room set up. Advertising done. You feel so excited...


This is what you worked so hard for! And then... Nothing... Not. One. Client.

None... I get you.


I have been there too. I was sick and tired of not having an income. My friends didn’t take me seriously as a therapist.  I had this deep desire to help people but couldn’t seem to find them.


I tried EVERYTHING, including lowering my prices. But, still no clients. After months of struggle and frustration, despite networking, I found that adding these three ingredients helped my business to massively take off. And, it is my mission to help others find and book clients so they can create that magnificent therapy practice they always dreamed of.


Enter: Confidence, Clients and Pricing – a 3-day mini-course, where I will share with you these three vital ingredients you need to have to take your therapy business from struggling to thriving! This will put you back on a trajectory of success!

Confidence, Clients and Pricing

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