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Why did I become a Reiki Master?

It was the glow that got me. I decided that I wanted to be able to teach people something that made them feel so good that they glowed.

While I was a stay-at-home Mum to two boys, I studied and learned Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage and started using them to treat friends and family. As my family grew up and my time became more my own, I decided to set up a clinic at home and treat the public as well. This went well, but I was aware that there was something missing. 

When I came across the word Reiki and a brief description of it, I knew that this was for me. Reiki was the missing link I was looking for.

By pure coincidence, I happened to be skiing in Vermont, and found a Reiki class while I was there. It was too good a chance to pass up, so I did the class. I was able to do my second level class near Portsmouth and then asked if she would be willing to come to Scotland to teach as I knew my friends from the massage course would be interested.

The following Spring, Penelope came to Scotland to teach a class I had organized, and I was the demonstration body, so I slept through most of it! After that she came back regularly for several years, and I was able to help and see what went on in class. It was the way people glowed after class that made me want to become a Reiki Master. I saw the huge change that doing a Reiki class had for the participants.

It took me three years and a lot of hard work, travelling and studying with Penelope before I became a Reiki Master. It cost me $10,000 plus travelling expenses, but it was worth every penny. I still get a real kick out of passing on the knowledge that has supported me over the years.

Does the glow last? Yes, if you continue to do self-treatments every day, as I have done ever since.

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