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The Power of Intention

You probably have come across the Law of Attraction and Manifesting as something the spiritual community believe in. You may even have “given it a go” and been disappointed when it didn’t seem to work for you. Do you know why that is?

Let me tell you something about the Law of Attraction – it works all the time! Yes, you heard me correctly - all the time.

Intention is one of the most powerful energies around. It has been known to cause disease to go into remission. Focused intention makes powerful changes in energy systems as shown in experiments.

We are all energy. Our bodies are energy which has many different vibrations.

The physical body is a low vibration, so appears as matter. Our minds think thoughts which are higher vibrations, and they create time and space in our minds.

On an even higher vibration it is possible to send out an intention of healing and that person’s energy body receives it and begins to vibrate more in harmony with the intention.

Intention works best when you focus on the intention, as if it has already happened, and let it go. Leave it up to the Universe to bring it about.

So, what has that to do with manifesting? Intentional focus on what you are manifesting will bring it into being far more quickly than just chanting affirmations. Feeling the joy when you have your outcome and feeling it now, before it has come into being, is the intentional focus to concentrate on a times throughout the day.

Having focused intention is not about worrying but about assuming that it is done, that your outcome has already happened.

Losing the focused intention and falling back into lower vibrations of worry or fear will stop you manifesting.

Being in a calm and relaxed state of mind helps with the focus and the power of intention. In other words, similar to being in a meditative state.

It goes without saying that negative intentions are just as powerful but rebound on the person sending them. Intentions should always be for the highest and greatest good and harm no one.

If you want to know more, contact me.

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