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Standing in my power.

I wanted to welcome you to my new website. By the time you read this it might be ready. I’m gradually putting out pages as I get help with them.

So why the new website? Because I am at last standing in my power and owning that I am a Spiritual Wayfinder and it’s all a bit woo woo. When I first started on my journey some 35 years ago, I didn’t know much about the spiritual side of life, in fact I would have said that I wasn’t very spiritual, along with I’m too Aries to be intuitive, but in fact neither of these are true.

Not only do I have a strong Aries driving streak – to the point that I jump into things on the spur of the moment, but I have a really strong connection to the Universe and not just through Reiki. The lady who looked at my chart said that it was very unusual to have both of these things together. In addition, I was born on a balsamic moon so my gifts will blossom later in life. “How much later?” I am inclined to ask because it’s late enough now!

Enough rambling! There have been times when I have just known things, often years before others catch on. That is the intuitive part. However, I didn’t really trust that part of myself until recently. In fact, I would shy away from anything that sounded too woo woo.

When asked to describe my self I would hide behind the practical side of being a Reiki master – I teach Reiki. What I actually do, and this came as a surprise to me too, is reconnect people to their divine self – their true self. Even more importantly, I can do this without Reiki, although Reiki makes it easier.

When we are children, we have a sense of our divine selves and as the years go by, we lose it to being practical and earning a living or bringing up children. In fact, we should encourage children to keep their sense of awe at the world around us.

So welcome to the website where I will be showing that side of myself that loves the weird and wonderful and celebrating the awesomeness of life and the magic that is your birthright.

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