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It started when I read Silent Spring by Rachael Carson..

As a child I was very interested in the natural world and a keen bird watcher and tree lover. As I progressed, I became more concerned about the state of the planet and when my children were born, I joined Garden Organic or HDRA as it was in those days, and have been a member since then. A innovative cook and interested in making sure we ate healthily, I did my best to produce healthy, nourishing food without pesticides. This meant growing what I could myself as there were not many organic growers around at that time and we lived in Scotland.

At one point I had a large garden and that meant we were virtually self sufficient in fruit and vegetables and I also kept hens so we had a regular supply of eggs. That was the nearest I came to being totally organic except for some household goods. I switched to biodegradable washing liquids and filtered my water and I recycled what I could. What I didn't have was a deoderant that was aluminium free or organic skin care. there was nothing locally that helped me achieve that. Now I live in the South of England and I have joined Neal's Yard Remedies Organic as a consultant, I can change that.

I still garden organically, feed the birds and try to have something in flower in all months of the year for the insects. My garden is smaller than before but an absolute jungle and I love it that way. I may be considered a bit crazy, but it makes sense to me. I want my grandchildren to have a beautiful planet to grow old in. Who doesn't want that?

If you would like to become more organic, go here.

If you want to join me as a consultant, go here.

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