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Are you on a spiritual path?

How do you know if you are? For me it was having a feeling that there was more to life than it looked like. It was a simple calling to go deeper and find out what was going on.

All this can be explained by philosophical reasonings and midlife crisis but there is really a spiritual path that we all follow and sensing that need to know what it is sets off the search. That was when I started exploring different ways of finding out what I came here to do – what my life purpose is. Some of the ways I came across changed my life completely – like Reiki.

Given that we (the soul) incarnate in a body specially to experience life as lived in a human existence, then this soul has something that it wishes to achieve – a role to play. The fact that we generally can’t remember any previous incarnations doesn’t help us get there easily. Sometimes it seems incredibly slow and laborious finding our path. Making many “mistakes” which are just paths tried and found not to be the right one for us, how do we find the path that leads to our soul’s purpose?

One way if to struggle on blindly. Another is to get help in like minded groups. The best way of all is to find someone who has been there and knows how to guide you to your own personal path in life. That is what a spiritual Wayfinder is.

Everyone has an individual path expressed through their personal life story, but there are similarities along the way. The gifts you have, point to ways of expressing that path. The things that fill you with joy are another pointer.

Once you know your soul purpose or life purpose and begin to live it fully, life becomes magical. Then you live life authentically.

Contact me to learn how to do this.

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