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Are you happy?

Do you feel happy –

1. All the time?

2. Most of the time?

3. Some of the time?

4. Hardly ever?

5. Not at all?

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is something that you hold within your heart. It’s made from several different components.

Gratitude is the main one. When you are grateful for things – even the small things, you feel happier.

If you are constantly comparing yourself with others and feeling dissatisfied with what you find, then you will never be happy. Similarly looking outside of yourself for love may work for a time, but eventually you won’t be sure you are lovable enough unless you love yourself. Try saying “I love you” to your image in a mirror. If it is hard to do, then love yourself more.

Appreciating others and telling them so, not only makes them happy, but rebounds so that you feel good as well.

Acceptance of who and what you are, faults and all, is another part of feeling happy. Accepting that you are doing your best under whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

So, be happy, be grateful and be kind to others.

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