Instead of feeling dead inside, wouldn't it be great to retrieve the excitement of childhood every day! Feeling joyously free and soaring effortlessly through life and loving every minute of it. Isn’t that something that we all aspire to?

Instead we get...

  • Outside I look like a successful and happy person but inside I'm dying.


  • Everything is a facade, a mask that I put on every day.

  • I feel bored and depressed and don't know why.

  • The voices in my head keep telling me “Life should be more" but I don't feel I deserve it.

  • Work and life have got to be more than this, but what?

  • I've tried everything - and nothing is working. I’m stuck.

If this is how you have been feeling, let me tell you, my late 30’s were exactly the same. I had no idea how joyously happy my life path was supposed to be, or how to get there.
Wouldn't life be great if you felt like this instead?

I ride the cosmic winds. 

I am the shapeshifter, the change maker, the way-finder. 

I am the light Shiner, the soul sister, the whisper of desire. 

I live an extraordinary life in ordinary ways, unseen. 

My soul is bright, a beacon to call you home. 


I ride the cosmic winds. 

I soar and swoop, delighting in my freedom. 

Riding one wind and then another, 

Searching, seeking, laughing, playful, joyful. 

Teasing you with a thought, a glimpse of what could be. 


I ride the cosmic winds. 

I see the web of life, the patterns and the beauty. 

I am the Elven spirit, the mischievous Sprite. 

I am a Weaver of my destiny and my desires. 


I ride the cosmic winds. 

Take my hand, and we will soar together.

 Author Jan Brown – the Energy Master©

But right now it feels more like this - 
  • Not enjoying my job and wondering if the boss will notice that I'm just going through the motions.


  • I want to change my life and find something more exciting but my friends and family keep advising me not to be so stupid.

  • My relationships are falling apart because I'm not happy inside.


  • Never having time for myself to follow my dreams because I say "yes" to things I don't want to do, when I mean "no".

It doesn't have to be like that.
All the things you think are wrong, are just a symptom of having lost touch with your spiritual self. With guidance and support you can find your way back to a happy and fulfilled life as I did. 
Your life can be filled with joy and you can feel that you are on the right path. Finding your "spiritual bad ass" brings back the joy de vivre. 
So now I want to share with you – Find Your Spiritual Bad Ass - Group Coaching Program © so that you too, can live a life full of excitement and happiness for each new day. 

By the end of the program you will - 

  • Find living joyously is second nature to you because you know what you are here to do.

  • Know your unique abilities so that you can live your life's dream. 

  • Learned how to keep your spiritual compass pointing the way you want to go.

  • Be passionate about your life's work so that you get up every day expecting a magical day. 

  • Have learned the tools you need to keep you on track.

Why can I help you?​

When I was in my late 30's I went through a period of the "dark night of the soul". My life and work felt uninspired - it just wasn't enough. I knew I was meant to be doing more. That was the start of reconnecting to my spiritual journey. 


I was working full time; I felt like life was passing me by and I hadn't achieved anything. I was deeply unhappy about this.


I was lucky enough to get help from someone who coached me through this period and encouraged me to find my soul destiny and life's purpose, and once I did, my life changed. 


Over the years I have taught many people how to heal and change their lives for the better.


I am now offering to teach you how to get to where you want to be.

"I reached out to Jan as a coach and mentor to guide me on my journey with energy healing. She created a safe space for me to ask questions and be open about my journey and to navigate what direction I see myself heading in. Jan offered sound advice and provided resources for me to grow as a healer, I can now continue to use these resources and my courage gained to pursue a future in holistic therapy. Thank you, Jan."


- Bianca C

Program  Features -

  • Coaching that will give you clarity about which areas you most want to change and start the energetic shift. 

  • A starting 1on1 session to evaluate where you need to be concentrating. Worth £1,000.

  • 5 x group sessions where we will introduce techniques that you can do, and what you need to do next, so that you continue the powerful changes. Worth £2,500.

  • Techniques to clarify your desires and dreams - to bring all you want into your life. 

  • You will learn to allow your intuition to guide you so that you know you are on the right path. you need to keep you on track.

Course Cost

The 6-week life-changing group program is an initial payment of £450 and 2 payments of £400
a one-off payment of £1250.
Pay in full and get a bonus session with an oracle reading worth £1000.

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